Open Knowledge

Czech Open Knowledge group has been established in late 2011 by a group of civic activists, scholars and developers. From the beginning, the community has been led by Otakar Motejl Fund, a Czech NGO focused on open government, transparency and civic engagement. The cornerstones of OK CZ activity is open data advocacy and leveraging the potential of public data.

The group organized countless events, such as a workshop about digital tools for political watchdogs, a conference that featured British open data all stars or Prague Hacks coding marathon. Otakar Motejl Fund also adapted Data Journalism Handbook for the needs of Czech journalists and published localised version of Open Data Handbook.

Since 2013, the Fund has been running an open data challenge which encourages the creation of apps built on public data and highlights its potential to improve our everyday lives.

In 2016 the effort of Otakar Motejl Fund lead to adoption of open data within Czech legislation as a part of local FoIA. As a part of the Open Knowledge Network, the Fund has been working on international projects such as Global Open Data Index or Open Data Day, in close cooperation with local experts.

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